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This page is at least 14 years old !

We have full proof of where the Tourettes Guy lives.

Note: since there's some assholes who are ripping the images without even giving credit, some of them are now watermarked.

By looking at the so called "dvd" they released about him on youtube, you can see a short credits screen on the last part.
You can see that someone called "Jared Six" had taped all the videos.
The next clue was about "Jolly Pirate Donuts", which, by luck, are only located in the city of Columbus, Ohio. There are four of them.

We had all we wanted to start looking up his last name in the yellow pages. We got 6 results, the first was the good one.
His address is registered as Mr. "Athony Six", maybe his real name.
His exact address is: 4270 Mayflower Blvd, Columbus, OH.
You can clearly see his house with google maps. There's an integrated map at the end of this page to check all this by yourself, if you want.
Here's his house:

Here it is, zoomed. Next thing was to check if the outside shots were matching with the sat view.
Here, all the corresponding parts are in colors, they're explained after.

You can click here and have this screenshot for reference in a new window.
The two green lines are his backyard's crappy wood fences, the yellow square is around the little cabin.
You can clearly see those in the "Bob Saget" clip, where he tries to mow his lawn.

There's the fence, and the cabin on the right.
The camera angle in this cut is approximately the first black "V". The purple house, in the back, can be seen a few frames after:

All the time, Jared is behind some wooden bars, here in cyan.
As you can see on the sat view, there's a sort of path going from the garden to the side entrance of his house.
When the Tourettes Guy gets attacked by the bees, he runs along it, following the orange arrows.
He first climbs some stairs, made from only a few steps, to get on the wooden path.

In the last cut of this clip, you can see through the "garage" and where he usually parks his car, here in orange.
You can clearly see the street. The camera angle is the second black "V".

The street view of google maps is perfectly placed to see the front of his house.
Here you see it from the Mayflower Boulevard, the blue square is where his dad leaves when he gets upset.
In red, his (un)famous car/pick up.

His car color can be seen in this shot, in the clip where he tries to give his son driving lessons:

And also when his dad leaves, filmed out the window. Obviously, the street would be on the right here:

As if all that wasn't enough, we also check the surroundings. On all these maps, point B is his house, point A is the target.
We already said that The Tourettes Guy talks about "Jolly Pirate Donuts", which is under 0.6 miles from his house:

3923 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213 (Jolly Pirate Donuts)

Then he talks about "Ronald McGoddamn Donald".

There's a McDonalds at just 0.7 miles:

95 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OH 43213 (McDonald's)

You can see a sat view of it, with the probable location of the Ronald McGoddamn Donald's statue and the drive-in:

Camera angle also represented with the black "V". He'd be in that white car's spot.
He also mentions the ass-end of the "First Baptist Church".

Which is just a little more away, but remember, he was trying to learn his son how to drive:

1199 Noe Bixby Rd, Columbus, OH 43213 (First Baptist Church)

In one clip, he goes to a "Holiday Lanes" bowling...

...Which is 0.7 miles away.

4589 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213, United States (Holiday Lanes)

The last place we know about, is a supermarket called "Kroger", which we learned about while reading the Ebaumsworld forums.
That's where the "don't get a big dick !!!" clip was shot.

Someone was saying that he took a picture of the Tourettes Guy, proving that he's still alive.
The picture was in fact quite surprising ! We'll maybe have to call him to finally know the truth...
The place is also at about 0.8 miles from where he lives, so that can be true:

3675 E Broad St, Whitehall, OH 43213 (Kroger)

Last but not least, he throws beer bottles at a wall because of the neighbor's music, but on the sat view, we don't see his house touching another.

Maybe there's two houses next to each other, with "fucking pieces of shit" and a common garden.

We also have a draft architectural view of his house, but it needs to be cleaned first...
There's basically the "pool" room, the kitchen (fridge, microwave), the living room (TV, stairs), two rooms with beds (one upstairs ?), a bathroom, and two computers.

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One thing that yotie noticed in the "5 cents sunday inside your fucking ass" clip: he slams the phone so hard that it wakes up the optical mouse's LED.

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