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At first sight
The schematic
The power supply
The microcontroler
The synthesiser
The ROMs
Code and memory maps
AVR cartridge
CPLD cartridge
Converting sounds
Creating the ROM
The PCB3d render

Simulation I routed a custom PCB which can be stuffed inside the S&S for embedded operation (but not inside the cartridge slot, which is way too small).

The PCB can be ordered on BatchPCB for $7.50.

Here are the manufacturing files: Layout for Proteus 7.2 and in 200 DPI PNGs.

The schematic is the one shown on this page.

(Real PCB pictures to come... )



Bill of materials:

  • U1: 16 or 32kB Flash or (E)EPROM 16ko. 27C/29W128/256 in DIP28 (eBay), between $2 and $4
  • U2: EPM3064ATC44 CPLD Farnell 1549417 3.08€
  • U5: 1117CE33 3.3V LDO regulator Farnell 2057285 0.31€
  • U4: L78L05ACZ 5V regulator Farnell1467763 0.124€
  • U3: CD4093BM NAND with Schmitt trigger inputs Farnell 0.35€ (or MC74VHC1G14 in SOT353 Farnell 1353868 0.087€)
  • Q1: BC817 transistor Farnell 2114873 0.025€
  • C1: 10uF electrolytic capacitor 2.54mm
  • C2, C3: 100nF capacitor 1206
  • R1,R3,R5,R7,R9,R11,R13: 68k 1206
  • R2,R4,R6,R8,R10,R12,R14: 27k 1206
  • R15: 150 1206
  • R16: 2.2k 1206
  • R17: 10k 1206

The final cost is around $18 without shipping, and without the CPLD and flash programmer.

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