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June 16th 2022:
Firmware update 0.10 beta released.


May 28th 2021:
Clearance sale page ready. Firmware update 0.9 with front-loader support in testing.
Front-loader kits will be ready for june 2021.

February 15th 2021:
Updated installation instructions with bold text in the part about pressing hard to connect the loader.
Firmware beta 0.8 file updated to fix palette problem on startup animation.

February 1st 2021:
Firmware beta 0.8 released.
Waiting list registration closed.

January 2nd 2021:
The cutoff date for registering in the waiting list is set to January 31st 2021.
Registering after this date will not be possible.
This will allow me to finish going through the waiting list and then move on to new projects.

If you want to purchase a loader after this date, you'll have to wait for the clearance sale which will happen during May 2021.
After that, I'll cease production and sales of new kits. This page will be updated with links to new sellers if there will be any.

November 8th 2020:
Firmware V0.7 released.

September 24th 2020:
Added a step to the installation instructions for the foam pad placement, improving shock and vibration resistance.

August 1st 2020:
Identified a manufacturing problem that can cause bad contacts between the loader and the console. About ~30 kits in the wild may exhibit the issue during installation. Currently dealing with the situation.

July 22nd 2020:
Added Q & A page. Translated firmware upgrade instructions to FR.

July 14th 2020:
Firmware V0.6 released. Fixed updating process issues.
Published French installation instructions for loaders revision E.
Updated the user manual.

July 8th 2020:
Firmware V0.6 BETA released.

June 17th 2020:
Firmware V0.5 released.

June 13th 2020:
Updated the progress page. The yellow bar now takes into account e-mails that went without replies amd invoices not yet paid. This gives a more accurate view of the amount of entries in the waiting list that were processed.

June 10th 2020:
The draft English instructions for the revision E of the kits are available. The firmware update is undergoing testing.

June 6th 2020:
The new batch of kits is finally ready ! E-mails are currently being sent out for those who wanted to keep the CD drive operational. Shipping will start on the 8th.

May 28th 2020:
The stalled order causing the new batch of kits to be so delayed has been taken care of.
The new installation instructions and firmware update are almost ready.

May 16th 2020:
The second batch of kits (which are CD-drive compatible) is now delayed by almost a month. This was caused by shipping delays adding up between the components suppliers, the assembly factory and my place.
I currently have 2 of the 3 groups of parts required to start shipping complete kits.
I'm hoping to have everything ready for the last week of May.
The goal is still to have everyone served by the end of June, so I'll have to do 2 more batches instead of 3 to get things moving faster. Bank is informed.