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Embeddable video-out mod board for the Nintendo VirtualBoy

If you ever wanted to be able to play the VirtualBoy without having a seizure, if you want to enjoy the games in another color than red, if you want to stream gameplay from the real thing, or if you want to use a projector to show off your awesome sk1LLz at shows and expos, now you can !

Requests to be added to the waiting list are closed since the 1st of December 2018, but you can now find kits from:

Mobius Strip Technologies

Castlemania Games

VirtualTap PCBs


VirtualTap palettes

Two versions:


800x600 at 60fps

Upscale x2: 768x448

VirtualTap palettes

240p at 60fps

No upscale, slightly squished horizontally

VirtualTap palettes

What you get:

What's required:

How to buy:

I stopped selling virtualtap kits since the 1st of December 2018. See the red banner at the top of the page to find new sellers !

Since the boards are hand-made, production isn't very fast. A waiting list is used so that you only have to pay when your board is ready to be shipped. This ensures that you'll get what you want, and reduces stress on my side.

If you don't/can't buy anymore when it's your turn: no problem, the board will be offered to the next person in the list.

The waiting list was here.

One price: 40€
Paypal fee included.

Tracked shipping:

France: 1~2 kits: 2€. 3 kits or more: 6.15€.
EU: 1~2 kits: 5.60€. 3 kits or more: 12.30€ (insured).
Out of EU: 1~2 kits: 5.80€. 3 kits or more: 24€ (insured).

A discount can be applied for 5 or more kits, please let me know.
See to convert in another currency.

Install instructions:

English version (V1)
Version Française (V1)

Draft version (old)


Can this work on a 3D TV ?

Testing is ongoing for an Anaglyph mode. The effect might not work for everyone though. The problem lies in how the games move the "camera" to produce the depth effect. The displacement can be too large to work on a single screen, even with shutter glasses. See for yourself.

Will the eye displays still work after the mod is installed ?

If they worked before, they'll work after. It's called "VirtualTap" because it taps into the video signals and lets them go through to the original displays.

My VirtualBoy has defective displays, lines are dead, will the mod still work ?

There's a very high chance that the mod will still output perfect video, even if your unit's displays are defective.
The mod won't fix them, though !

Can the palettes be customized ?

Why not, but keep in mind that the color resolution is low so the color choice is basically limited to the same palette the Sega Master System had.
A small fee will be added if you want custom palettes, as it requires modification and testing of the code.

Why no HDMI ?

HDMI is way more complex than analog video. Maybe I'll get to it one day but it will require different, more expensive components.

Why no Composite ?

Because it looks awful :( It would also require additional electronics to convert from RGB, which means higher price for shittier video.

No audio output ?

There's already a stereo jack socket on the VirtualBoy. You can use one of those Scart cables with a stereo tap to insert audio.

Can you send me the source code and schematic so I can make it myself ?

Check out the VirtualTap Github repo. There should be everything you need to make (and modify) the boards yourself !
You're also completely free to sell them, you'll just have to provide assistance to your customers yourself too.

Where can I ask other questions ?

Twitter: @furrtek, or e-mail, see above :)


VirtualTap palettes