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User manual for V00.07

Using your Neo CD SD Loader kit is pretty straightforward.

The main menu shows the list of games found on the SD card.

In a game:

Options menu


Store / Load saves

Allows you to copy the console's save memory to the SD card, and vice-versa.
The files can be freely named.

To exit the Store saves screen, select "Exit" and press A.

Update firmware

Searches for an update file at the root of the SD card and performs a firmware update.
Make sure that there's only one firmware file on the card, or the wrong one might be used !

See Firmware updates.

In-Game Menu / Cheats

Press Select+Start during play to access the In-Game Menu.

Note that some cheats only need to be triggered once. These will be automatically disabled after being applied.

Custom background

You can customize the menu's background by placing a "bg.bmp" file at the SD card's root.
To be valid, the file must strictly follow these rules: