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How to update the firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware file below.
  2. Copy it to your SD card's root.
  3. Rename the file to NSDLZZZZ.WAD (replace the 4 digits with capital Z's). Make sure there's only a single .WAD file on the card.
  4. Insert the SD card in you console and power it up.
    The blue LED must light up briefly before blinking green. This means the MCU was updated. The console then starts up.
  5. In the loader's main screen, press C to reach the settings menu.
  6. Select "Update firmware" and press A. The console will stop and the blue LED will blink during several seconds. If not, see LED error codes.
  7. Once the process is done, the console will restart on its own.
    Check the version screen. The firmware should now be updated.
  8. Remove the NSDLZZZZ.WAD file from the SD card.


Firmware files

Firmware v0.4 (for top-loaders)
After updating, versions must be: MENU:0.4 MCU:00.04 CPLD:00.02

Changes from v0.3:

Known bugs:


Older versions

Firmware v0.3 (for top-loaders)

Changes from v0.2:

Known bugs:


Firmware v0.2 (for top-loaders)

Changes from v0.1:

Known bugs:


Firmware v0.1 (for top-loaders)


Wiper firmware

Something went wrong ? Can't get the loader to update again ?
Use this wiper firmware to reset it.

Use it like a normal update as explained above.
On power up the yellow LED will blink several times, indicating that your loader was reset.
You will then be able to perform a normal update using one of the firmware files above.

Wiper v0.1 (for top-loaders)