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Kit options for top-loading consoles

Depending on your choice to keep or remove your console's CD drive, the kit will be provided with a different SD card slot board.

Here's the pros and cons for each choice:

Keep CD drive
Remove CD drive
  • You will be able to play both CD games and games stored on the SD card.
  • You can remove the CD drive later if you wish.


  • The SD card is inserted through the vents of the console's shell. It stays visible.
  • Only microSD cards can be used (not full sized ones).
  • The installation procedure takes a bit longer.

NeoGeo CD top loader

  • The SD card is inserted in a slot that replaces the CD drive. It will be hidden once the lid is closed.
  • SD cards of any size can be used (microSD, miniSD*, or full size).


  • You obviously won't be able to play CD games anymore.
  • You will have to remove the loader if you want to put the CD drive back.

NeoGeo CD front loader

If you can't decide which option to chose, both kinds of SD card slot boards can be provided in your kit for a small additionnal fee. You will then be able to use one or the other, and swap them if needed.


*: Yes, these really existed !